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Community Spirit Foundation provide opportunities for students, families and the broader  community to actively engage in education. Central to this is the building of self efficacy, resilience and the skills to develop personal goals.

2021 highlights: 


  Why our programs work  

1/ We employ local First Nations staff to deliver our programs in community and act as role  models to students. Their local knowledge means they deliver the programs in a way that is contextualised, relevant and responds to the needs of community.

2/ We do not work on our own. Using an authentic community development model, we partner  with local community organisations, local leaders and service providers to co-design our  programs.

3/ We are invested in our communities for the long term. We will remain in partnership with our  communities as we understand that capability development takes time.

Our work is so much more than facts and figures; read about Community Spirit Foundation impact below.  

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Hi, my name is Karrisha and I’m from Palm Island. I am 17 years old and very proud of my Aboriginal culture. I currently attend the Bwgcolman Community School in Year 11.


I was one of the 4 students that’s been selected to go on the Year 11/12 Horizon’s Trip to Sydney. I didn’t really know what to expect from this camp, so I did ask some of the Year 12 students from last year and their reply was, it’s boring we just do lots of work and walking everywhere.


Well that wasn’t very helpful, so I decided to pack my bags and take this journey on to experience the capital city of New South Wales and to see first-hand the opportunities this leadership camp as to offer me so I am able to come back to my home and share this information with my family and friends.


I must admit I have struggled this year with my attendance and found it very challenging to come to every day. Attending the camp has made me realise there is more things to life that I’m used to living on Palm Island. So, I made up my mind to be dedicated to school. Not only did I get to go on Horizons Sydney trip 2 weeks later, I set off to the Gold Coast with the school for tourism & hospitality training.


I recently received my Certificate 3 in Tourism and Hospitality and a school-based traineeship with SOS (Health Foundation), and I have learnt that there are so much opportunities for Aboriginal Indigenous people if you allow yourself to try and never give up.


With the help and support of my family, friends, teachers and the Cathy Freeman Foundation, I will be able to achieve my goals in completing school and moving forward to study at university to become a teacher.

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