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The Community Spirit Foundation delivers programs designed to support First Nations young people from pre-prep through to Year 12 as they navigate the journey of education.  

Starting Block is a multifaceted program that is centred around building wellbeing and resilience for students in pre-prep to Year 12.




Sprints Passport supports young people to look beyond school and gain skills and experience that will help them transition into employment. By engaging local service providers, students complete micro-credentials that can be added to their competency toolkit.


Horizons focuses on personal development and supports students to think about life after school. Horizons local and interstate camps bring students together for experiential learning opportunities and support them to strengthen their self-efficacy and resilience, and create a plan for the future.




Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) is run in partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence and is designed to help prepare children for success in the classroom by equipping them with reading and writing skills in the early schooling years.

  Why our programs work  

1/ We employ local First Nations staff to deliver our programs in community and act as role  models to students. Their local knowledge means they deliver the programs in a way that is contextualised, relevant and responds to the needs of community.

2/ We do not work on our own. Using an authentic community development model, we partner  with local community organisations, local leaders and service providers to co-design our  programs.

3/ We are invested in our communities for the long term. We will remain in partnership with our  communities as we understand that capability development takes time.

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