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Stomp Out The Gap

On the 6th of June, the Cathy Freeman Foundation celebrated 10 years of working towards its vision of an Australia where Indigenous and non-Indigenous children have the same opportunities in education and life. To commemorate the milestone, the Foundation invited schools around Australia to celebrate in helping to ‘Stomp out the Gap’ between Indigenous and non-Indigenous education standards.

We were thrilled that over 600 schools registered and helped celebrate by holding a gold coin fundraiser and using the day as an opportunity to talk about Indigenous education and culture.

“Kids helping other kids is a very Australian thing to do. It’s also a great way for all children to understand more about inequalities in education outcomes in Australia,” said Cathy Freeman, Co-Founder and Director of the Cathy Freeman Foundation.

“The school environment is where it starts," Cathy says. "The expectations should be the same for everyone inside a classroom. When kids walk into that room each day, they need to know that their dreams are as important, real and achievable as the person sitting next to them.”

We thank all the amazing schools that participated, such as Georges River Grammar from NSW who held a ‘bike-a-thon’ and raised $1000. If you are still interested in holding a Stomp Out the Gap day, please contact us on 03 9686 4813 or visit here to register.

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