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Current destination: Armidale, NSW

After a well deserved break, the 10,000km journey continues for Andrew Cannon AM and the 1924 vintage Vauxhall.

In the last few days the car has covered approximately 800km and a trip total of 8,800km. An interesting fact: the car has been powered by 13.2 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres, which Andrew tells us is very economical for a car of that vintage.

Battling the first heavy rains since departing from Melbourne, Andrew was accompanied by close friend and generous donor, Drew Abercrombie of Flexigroup who came to the support of the Foundation and joined Andrew for the long drive from Noosa to Byron Bay and then on to Coffs Harbour.

Andrew continued his journey south yesterday, driving inland and finally stopping for a break in Armidale, New South Wales. Looking at the map, it is remarkable that Andrew has now stopped in 40 different places since departure from Melbourne on 14 August.

We are thrilled that the current fundraising total for the 10,000km drive is sitting on $132,000, which is absolutely wonderful and every dollar donated will help the Foundation deliver education programs to thousands of Indigenous children in the communities we support.

However, Andrew's unwavering commitment to drive and most importantly his efforts in gaining support and reaching his target of $140,000 continue.

To be a part of this amazing journey and show your support for a truly wonderful cause, you can make a donation here.

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