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Building Confidence in the Classroom

Children can have many role models that inspire them and help them feel supported: parents, teachers, friends, other family members and even sporting heroes. This year the Cathy Freeman Foundation has introduced Classroom Activities to help students feel confident, work hard in school and reach for the stars!

Our staff in community make weekly classroom visits to talk to the students about the importance of having positive role models, feeling confident, being strong in culture and setting dreams and goals for the future. The classroom visit also involves students working on activity sheets that inspire conversations about confidence and positive Indigenous role models in their lives.

“It was very exciting to work together with the students in class and they were very proud of their Role Models worksheets,” said Evelyna, Programs Coordinator in Galiwin’ku.

At our Palm Island partner schools, Programs Coordinator (Starting Block), Ruth said, "We had a great discussion on what will make them strong in culture, community, mind, body, family and heart. The students are now talking about how they can be stronger!"

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