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Working one-on-one with students in the classroom

The Cathy Freeman Foundation is proud to work with our four partner communities with the aim of improving education outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. We are privileged to work together with families, students and our partner schools to deliver programs that encourage school attendance, build self esteem and support students to succeed in the classroom.

This year we are excited to give each student a Cathy Freeman Foundation Workbook that covers topics such as Dreams and Goals, Confidence and Resilience, Celebrating Culture and Setting and Achieving Goals. All students from Prep/Transition through to Year 12 at all partner schools will receive the new Term 3 Workbook, except Bwgcolman Community School who are currently trialing the Workbooks for Year 5/6 only. The Workbook lessons are delivered by Foundation staff once a week to each class, with a different worksheet completed each week.

Cathy Freeman Foundation staff have been enjoying their time in the classroom, talking to students about who their role models are and what they dream of for their future.

"The kids are really proud of their workbooks and when I walk into the classroom they get excited and know to have their workbooks ready! The workbooks help the students think about what they want for their future and explore their feelings on identity and confidence," said Janelle Creed, Programs Coordinator (Starting Block) on Palm Island.

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