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Celebrating Year 12 Graduates

Diarne* lives in the remote community of Wurrumiyanga in the Tiwi Islands. She is one of six siblings and is currently working hard to graduate from Year 12 this year. She is one of three students set to graduate in 2018 in Wurrumiyanga and will be celebrated by her entire community!

No matter where you live, Year 12 completion is a pretty big deal, but even more so for a remote community like Wurrumiyanga where Year 12 graduation rates are amongst the lowest in the country. Aware of the significance of her academic achievement, Diarne says, “I’m a role model at home, around the community, for my siblings – they can look up to me and see what I’m doing and follow in my footsteps.”

What’s your goal after school?

I want to become a police officer so I can keep my family safe, keep them away from drugs and alcohol.

How will you get there? 

Complete Year 12, do training with the Defence Force.  

What advice would you give to your friends? 

I would tell them to come to school every day, even my siblings, come to school so they can get chosen to come on a Horizons camp  

Why were you selected to go on the Horizons camp to Sydney? 

I’ve been selected to come on Horizons for attending school 100% and staying at school all day.  

When do you graduate? 

I graduate on November 30. I’m nervous about getting up in front of everyone at the graduation.  

Where would you like to travel? 

In the world, I would love to go to Paris. 

*Name changed to protect privacy

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt this week is to do a resume and set up my goals. I’m glad I came so that I can learn new things, to take back home and teach my family, my niece and nephew.”

Diarne, Year 12, Xavier Catholic College, Tiwi Islands

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