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Cathy Freeman Foundation alumni returns to program to empower more students

Cameron Dhurrkay - Assistant Teacher

Shepherdson College - Galiwin'ku

As a senior student in 2015, Cameron participated in the Horizons* program and, in November 2018, returned as an Assistant Teacher to help inspire the next generation of Galiwin’ku students to find their confidence and achieve their dreams.

“Going on Horizons in 2015 as a student helped me build the confidence to become an Assistant Teacher. The program challenged me and opened my mindset to look more broadly, instead of thinking inside the box.

Now as a teacher on the camp I was able to show leadership and confidence and was able to inspire the students. I took responsibility to look after the students, encourage them and to make sure that they were all comfortable. When we were on the camp, I shared my own camp experience as a tool to uplift and engage the students. Going on Horizons as a student helped me to feel more confident to go on the camp as a teacher.

I think the camps are important; students learn about being on time, they enjoy walking around and experiencing the city. They grow up on the camp and become more independent. They learn from both worlds, so they are confident to travel and be responsible for being on time, which is important for their future. Education is a key to opening pathways for students.”

You can support the Horizons program by signing up to a small regular donation.

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