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Stride Series - Most Significant Change Stories

Ivy Yoren sat down with fellow program coordinator, Geoff Major to talk about CFF’s impact on helping implement a youth program in Woorabinda.

'My name is Ivy Yoren, I’m a Program Coordinator for CFF. I have chosen this story because, before COVID-19 and during this pandemic there weren’t any youth programs or youth services in community. It is very important to me because, I’m only a young adult myself. I got the opportunity to help these students with building their life skills or assist with anything they needed, because I can relate as are young person.

Last year I was first approached by a couple of high school students, enquiring about wanting to get their Learner Permit. Their were also some students, that already had their Learner Permit, but were having trouble getting access to a vehicle to do their hours. CFF researched a program called “Braking the Cycle”, which was running in Rockhampton. I then contracted the local Woorabinda PCYC and spoke to the Manager regarding the program.

Gerry Doyle then referred me on to Trudi Maxwell, who is the “Braking the Cycle” Program Coordinator. She then emailed me referral forms for the students to sign-up in order for them to participate in the workshop. CFF then arranged a meeting with the Principal at the local High School about getting that support. He then arranged a Teacher Aide to help supervise the students on the trip. CFF then followed up the student's parents with helping them fill out the application. CFF then sent the referral forms away to Trudi Maxwell, which resulted in exchanging dates and times for the students to start the course.

This all happened in Term 3 – 2020. Through all this CFF arranged and worked with PCYC Woorabinda/Rockhampton, the local High School, parents and the Department of Transport to make this happen. I have never seen the parents so happy and have had other students and parents enquire about the program.'


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