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Ready. Set. Start School!

The HIPPY program helps parents prepare their preschool children for school and is an important part of the Foundation’s early years program delivery on Palm Island. With 45 children currently enrolled, we love hearing feedback from the parents about how their child is progressing. HIPPY parent, Liana, whose son Anukie is in the 4 year old group, says he enjoys the program and loves doing different activities.

“He can identify objects, shapes and is also able to give me a description of certain things. Since starting the program Anukie is starting to be aware of everything around us. Overall this is a fantastic program. I only wish he could have started last year to prepare him for Pre-Prep this year.” Well done Anukie and to all the parents and children involved!

HIPPY staff can be seen out in community talking with parents, encouraging them to enrol their child and to come along to parent group meetings, which have been a great highlight. We are also thrilled to have hired a new HIPPY tutor - welcome to the team, Regina!

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